Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Knitting away the winter

What the what, 

I have been trying to get out of Ohio winters for lets just say my whole life (not listed in years) OK! I am in my 7th yes, 7 decade. I hate cold and like most people I NEED FRESH AIR!  So my coping mechanism has been Knitting. Yes, I did knit the shawl that is in the pic.

Most knitters are aware of . My screen name is nitfix. A play on words The little BUGs that just Bug the heck out of you. That is what knitting does to me I have to knit or I go buggy. Fix because knitting, yarn, and all the assessories, podcasts, websites and such give me a fix.

My lates fix is  the knitting video podcast of Knitabuls

Diane is very personable and enjoys knitting. Check her out through the link as well as on Ravelry here name is Knitabulls ( she has bull dogs-I love the screen name.)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012



The 6th stage, although the steps are not necessarily sequential, is Dock.


noun1.a landing pier , some place to put our ideas, to give them structure, shape and form. Even the free-est for of art has a framework some kind of outline.

As artist we have ideas, inspiration, materials (both tangible and technical). How we we wrangle them how we harness them is by docking. 

My docking process take many forms. Sometimes simply flipping through my inspirational books, magazines, & art journals spark a form or structure. Sometimes it is through challenges. Oh, there are challenges and then there are CHALLENGES. The challenges I am referring to are the "rules" someone has set to follow. Many art journaling and scrapbooking sites have creative minds that make weekly challenges. These challenge give us form and structure. They set an outline or framework to work within. Some of my favorites are :

Jessica Sprague>forum>challenge  
designerdigitals>community>weekly challenge

Once again my inspiration for the blog comes from the book Changing Patterns Discovering the Fabric of your Creativity written by  Daena Giardella and Wren Ross. Read older post for more stages and Collect your FREE ACT cards to keep and use as you choose.

Challenges give our creativity a place to DOCK. Go over to click on forums>7 days in May. Everyday for 7 days a challenge will be described and a freebie to kick start, if you so choose. Unfortunately the freebie is only for the day, fortunately there is a new one everyday of the 7 Days in May.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Keeps Me on My Toes

Over at scrap book graphics Tangie Baxter 2012 Caravan the word for the wordology section was gallivant. The following page is from a 1980 board game that I scanned, with some game cards and flippery clown and hand. Sometime it just take a word to trigger the creative thought. Marination time on this was very short. I had a FLOOD of ideas having just scanned the game this week before reading Tangie's itinerary! Serpendipity? The layout it's self was not too difficult. Scan, resize, place. The title font is from dafont: Roady Roadrunner, A little warping and a paint bucket and voila. Signage is dafont, road sign and road warning signs.

I wondered what I would do with this board game that has been hanging around my stash. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't Forget your FREE ATC

Free Artist Trading Card Collect the series from this site


Suppose the lack of a blog can be an example of the creative stage of Marination. Letting things sit, soak in. For an Artist or creative person this can be viewed negatively. Seen often as a time of non-productiveness. My marination time was triggered by a trip to Marco Island. I had hoped to take at least 200 photos but actually took about 20. My quest was to add to my photo stash to alter in Photo Shop. But, instead I was uninspired and unmotivated finding the Island so commercial that the quest turned into Marination.
But I can not go to the beach without taking pictures of sand, shells, and sea. Here is a page from my art journal.

And my Self Portrait

Altered Shadow Photo of me at the beach! The shots of me in a bikini are long over!

So I have been Marinating, reading, oogling, and also purging, making room to breathe.

How do you marinate? What do you turn to when you need to sit and be? How long does this process take you? Hours, Days, weeks, may be just minutes. Me I was buried for weeks in my purging process, marinating while I rid my belongings to open space in my house, studio, heart and head.